6 types food to avoid everyone in summer season

Pizzas, burgers and deep-fried foods such as samosas, vadas, and bhajiyas. French fries, etc

1. Junk and fried foods

Mutton, chicken, and red meat produce excessive heat in our bodies and are best avoided in the summer.

2. Non-vegetarian food

Aerated carbonated cold drinks and packaged fruit juice increase calorie intake and cause dehydration.

3. Sugar drinks

These contain high levels of salts, which also dehydrate, and preservatives and artificial flavours that are harmful to our body.

4. Processed foods

Caffeine present in them has a dehydrating effect on the body and disturbs sleep. Caffeine also tends to increase body heat.

5. Tea and coffee

One must avoid having these as spices increase metabolism, which results in an increase in body heat. One must avoid curry-based items.

6. Hot and spicy foods