Yatinder Singh Biography, Diet, Personal, Physical, Career, Family Information, Net Worth and Facts

yatinder sinhg

Yatinder Singh Biography, Diet, Personal, Physical, Career, Family Information, Net Worth and Facts

Greetings! In this discussion, we will be exploring the life and achievements of Yatinder Singh, yatinder singh height, yatinder singh gym fees, yatinder singh bodybuilder, yatinder singh gym, yatinder singh biceps, 2x nutrition whey protein yatinder singh, yatinder singh age, a prominent Indian pro-bodybuilder, entrepreneur, and fitness icon. With his remarkable accomplishments, including winning the Physique Championship in 2015 and Mr. India in 2016, Yatinder Singh has undoubtedly earned his place as one of the most successful bodybuilders in the industry. Without further ado, let’s delve into the fascinating biography of Yatinder Singh.

Yatinder singh  is an Indian bodybuilder, entrepreneur and fitness icon. His most recent accomplishments include the silver medal in 7th World Body Building and Physique Championship 2015 and Mr. India 2016.

Yatinder Singh Personal Information

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Information Details
Real Name Yatinder Singh
Nickname Yatinder
Date of Birth 25 December 1982
Age 38 years [2020]
Hometown Saharanpur
Nationality India
Religion Sikhism
Profession Bodybuilder
Qualification Graduation

Age of Yatinder Singh

yatinder singh age=He  is 38 Year old, he is born 25 december 1982, Saharanpur.

Yatinder Singh Bodybuilding career

The year 2001 marked the beginning of Yatinder Singh bodybuilding career .After winning his first championship in 2002, he took part in several bodybuilding and fitness competitions in India and later internationally.

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Major injury of Yatinder Singh

He had started preparing for Mr. Asia 2005. One evening while working out, he was seriously injured due to the negligence of a helping boy. Singh’s lower back vertebrae had ruptured causing nerve injuries. His right hand and leg about 30 percent paralyzed. As a result, he was bedridden for months.

Singh had to stay away from bodybuilding for the next three years. To become financially independent, he soon started working as a personal trainer in a gym in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. In 2008, he moved to Gurgaon to pursue his career as a businessman.

Yatinder Singh Physical Status

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Information Details
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Weight 85 kg
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Brown
Shoe Size 8 [ind]
Chest Size 56 inches
Biceps 22 inches
Waist 32 inches
Thighs 31 inches
Arms 21 inches

Second chance in bodybuilding of Yatendre singh

By 2008, Singh’s back had recovered substantially and he returned to bodybuilding .He started researching and studying techniques that would help him work out without straining himself. He completed ACE and ACSM training courses. In 2010, yatinder Singh won several championships such as Mr. UP Overall title, Mr. North India, Senior Mr. India title in 75  kg category. He was also the first runner-up in the overall Sr. Mr. India and won the title of the Best Improved Bodybuilder.

Yatinder Singh Achievement

yatinder singh

Bodybuilding Title Year
Mr. International Championship 2016
Senior Mr. India Body Building Championship 2016
Svayambhu Shree Classic All India Invitational Championship 2016
Federation Cup 2016
World Body Building & Physique Sports Championship 2015
Mr. India Satish Sugar Classic Championship 2015
Mr. India Talwalkar’s Classic Bodybuilding Championship 2015
Mr. U.P. 2015
Mr. North India Championship 2015
WBPF World Championship 2014
Mr. U.P. 2014
Best-Improved Bodybuilder of the Year 2010
50th National Bodybuilding Championship 2010
North India Bodybuilding Championship 2009
North India Classic Championship 2009
5th Federation Cup Championship 2004
Best-Improved Bodybuilder of the Year 2004
Jr. Mr. India 2004
Mr. North India 2004
Mr. Saharanpur 2002
Western Uttar Pradesh Championship 2002


  Yatinder Singh Net Worth

At the age of 36, He has accumulated a net worth estimated to be between around $1-5 million. He earned this wealth through his successful career as a professional bodybuilder and entrepreneur. His dedication, hard work, and commitment to fitness have earned him a loyal following and numerous accolades in the industry. Yatinder Singh’s success is a testament to his perseverance and determination, and he continues to inspire and motivate others to achieve their goals in the fitness world.

Yatinder Singh Family Details

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Information Details
Father’s Name N/A
Mother’s Name N/A
Marital Status Married
Spouse’s Name Neelam
Marriage Date 2008

yatinder singh Diet plan

he is the Indian bodybuilder and fitness icon, emphasizes the following points regarding his diet plan:

  • High-protein foods are essential for muscle growth and repair. Some of Yatinder’s favorites include chicken, fish, eggs, and beans.
  • Vegetables and healthy fats, such as nuts and seeds, provide essential nutrients and maintain overall health.
  • Adequate hydration is crucial, and Yatinder recommends drinking plenty of water throughout the day to support optimal bodily functions.
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In terms of exercise, his recommends the following:

  • Regular exercise that promotes sweating is essential for maintaining a healthy body.
  • Running is Yatinder’s preferred form of exercise, as it helps to reduce body fat and flush out harmful substances through sweat.
  • Maintaining a well-structured timetable for bodybuilding, including regular gym sessions, timely meals, and adequate sleep, is essential for achieving consistency and keeping the body in good shape.

In conclusion, Yatinder Singh emphasizes the importance of discipline, consistency, and dedication in achieving a good body. By following a healthy diet plan and incorporating regular exercise into your daily routine, you can achieve optimal health and fitness, just like Yatinder

yatinder singh Favorite Things

Information Details
Favorite Actor Salman Khan
Favorite Actresses Madhuri Dixit
Favorite Movie Sholay
Favorite Singer Mohammad Rafi
Favorite Sport Bodybuilding
Favorite Food Egg, Chicken
Favorite Destination Bangkok
Favorite Colour Black

Yatinder Singh: Defying Limits with Dedication and Achievements


Yatinder Singh, a seasoned bodybuilder hailing from Saharanpur, has become a formidable force in the world of fitness. With an imposing height and an indomitable spirit, he has achieved remarkable success in his journey. Let’s delve deeper into the life and accomplishments of Yatinder Singh.

Body of yatinder singh

Yatinder Singh’s journey as a bodybuilder showcases his unyielding dedication to the sport. Despite his towering height, he never let it overshadow his hard work and determination. From the early days of his training, Yatinder Singh understood the importance of finding the right gym. He meticulously researched the options and carefully selected a gym that provided top-notch facilities and expert trainers to guide him on his path.

With his biceps serving as a testament to his rigorous training regimen, Yatinder Singh has gained a reputation for his impressive muscle development. His commitment to consistent workouts, focusing on both strength and aesthetics, has resulted in well-sculpted biceps that demand attention.

To fuel his intense workouts and aid in muscle recovery, Yatinder Singh incorporates 2x Nutrition whey protein into his diet. This high-quality protein supplement provides the necessary nutrients to support muscle growth and repair, helping him achieve optimal results. With each serving of 2x Nutrition whey protein, Yatinder Singh ensures his body receives the essential amino acids it needs for efficient muscle development.

Yatinder Singh’s age has not hindered his progress or deterred him from reaching new heights in the bodybuilding arena. His unwavering passion and drive have propelled him to defy the limitations typically associated with age. At each stage of his career, Yatinder Singh has embraced the challenges, continually pushing his boundaries and inspiring others to pursue their goals fearlessly.


Yatinder Singh’s journey in bodybuilding is a testament to the power of dedication and perseverance. His impressive height, coupled with his unwavering commitment, has propelled him to achieve remarkable success. With the right gym, a focus on muscle development, the support of 2x Nutrition whey protein, and a relentless spirit, Yatinder Singh continues to inspire aspiring bodybuilders and prove that age is no barrier to achieving greatness.

Some Important Question about yatinder singh

  • Who is Yatinder Singh
  •   He is a successful Indian Pro-bodybuilder, entrepreneur, and fitness icon. He has won several bodybuilding competitions, including the Physique Championship 2015 and Mr. India 2016.
  • How old is Yatinder Singh?
  • He is currently 38 years old, having been born on December 25, 1982, in Saharanpur.
  • What is the name of Yatinder Singh’s wife?
  • His wife’s name is Neelam, whom he married in 2008.
  • What is Yatinder Singh’s diet plan?
  •  His emphasizes the importance of discipline in maintaining a good body. He advises following a well- structured timetable for bodybuilding that includes regular gym sessions, timely meals, and adequate sleep. This ensures consistency and helps keep the body in good shape.


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